Finito: The new commute

People often bemoan their daily commute: jostling a tired body through crowds and onto trains and into work or school is rarely a pleasurable experience.

Before coronavirus hit, travelling to work was taking longer than ever before – with the average daily commute stretched to almost an hour, according to the most recent analysis by TUC. One study by the Office for National Statistics found that workers with lengthy commutes felt more anxious and less satisfied with life than people with shorter ones. They were also less likely to find their daily activities worthwhile. But now it’s gone will these hours of replying to emails, sighing and playing candy crush be missed?

This is a terribly scary time but one positive thing we can do is put our commuting hours to good use. Of course, many parents will now have their time taken up with homeschooling, but for those who can afford to protect the would-be commuting hour, Finito has outlined a few suggestions. 

Take half an hour to shift your mindset with YouTube yoga

Your commute is an opportunity to transition from the personal to the professional. As your workplace is now in your personal area, clarifying this distinction is more important than ever. So why not spend the half an hour changing your state of mind with some YouTube yoga? Working from makeshift kitchen table desks can do some damage to shoulders but stretching out with some yoga can be the perfect way to counteract this. 

Take the time to practice a hobby

Whether it’s drawing, writing or playing the piano, you’ve just been gifted an extra half an hour to dedicate time to doing something you enjoy. If you spend 30 minutes reading before and at the end of the working day, you could read 4,320,000 words a year. This is the same as 40 copies of Gulliver’s Travels.

Spend time nourishing your body and your mind

A uninspiring slab of toast or an overpriced coffee may have constituted breakfast before but now you have the time to prepare something tasty and healthy. Our health is more important than ever so why not make a conscious effort to eat a nutritious breakfast while reading the paper for half an hour in the morning? In the evening, you could take the time to read your book with a cup of tea and a biscuit to unwind after a day in the virtual office. 

Refocus your mind with a crossword

Doing a crossword is a great way to refocus your brain and take yourself away from household stresses and workplace worries. Not only are they satisfying, a study conducted by University of Exeter and King’s College academics found that older adults who regularly do word and number puzzles show better brain functioning. Here’s a six letter clue to get you started: Goes by rail and works out. But if you’re really missing the trains, which is the answer to our crossword clue, you could follow in the steps of these boys. They turned their shower into a carriage on the underground

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