The Londoner: A chilli reception for Corbyn's foes

Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan last night played starring roles in Westminster’s oddest and most spectacular tradition— the British Kebab Awards. But even the joyous bonding experience of a late-night kebab didn’t ease the political tensions.

Corbyn, who posed for selfies with Tories, used his speech to stick a subtle skewer into the people who have betrayed him. “When you go through difficult times and you’ve still got friends and supporters, you know who your friends are,” he said, to a smattering of boos. Well, one person who certainly isn’t a supporter is Tory MP Jonathan Gullis.

The Londoner spotted Gullis taking a picture of one of his constituents and Corbyn. Would he keep the snap as a personal souvenir? We asked. “No, mate, I’d use it as a f***ing dart board,” he replied. Charming. So much for “being kind”.

Dehenna Davison, who is partial to a lamb shish with garlic, was also spotted smiling for a selfie with Corbyn. She told us about her favourite kebab experience. “When I’d just got my flat in London, I ended up ordering some mixed grill just so the dog could have something. That was probably number one”, she said.

The London Mayor, meanwhile, enjoyed handing out the awards, telling the audience “the best speeches are like the best politicians: they should be short”.

Labour deputy leader candidate Angela Rayner revealed she wouldn’t share a kebab with her flatmate Rebecca Long-Bailey because the leadership hopeful has stolen a Pot Noodle from her in the past.  “She’s had my Pot Noodle she’s not having my chicken kebab, she’s had my chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle,” she said.

The Londoner had a run-in with Corbyn over kebabs as we touched a sore spot. He told us he’s tried to make his own but he’s “not very good at it. You’ve got to have a certain patience to get the herbs and things right”.

Would he soon have more time on his hands to perfect his technique?

Put out, the Labour leader huffed: “No. No. Very, very busy.”

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