• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Colonel Tom Moore’s 100th leaves Bake Off star shaking

Steven Carter-Bailey, the Bake Off star, who made a cake for Colonel Tom Moore’s 100th birthday, was so nervous he needed help from his brother-in-law to deliver it. The cake featured an edible tank on top of layers with medals.

Carter-Bailey told us: “On the morning of his birthday [last week], my sister burst in saying, ‘They’ve made him a bloody colonel.’ The whole time I was making the cake, I was singing David Bowie’s song but I’d changed the words to ‘ground control to Captain Tom’.

“I ran downstairs to the kitchen in a panic. But then I’d remembered that we had decided to put ‘walk with Tom’. My brother-in-law had to drive me there because I was shaking too much.”

But Colonel Moore loved Carter-Bailey’s cake, calling it “incredible” and said it was a “a shame to cut into it”, adding he was “looking forward to a slice with a nice cup of tea”.

Carter-Bailey, who was runner up on the 2017 Bake-Off and won the Great New Year Bake Off in 2019 says though he’s made cakes for Sir Ian McKellen, Russell Tovey and the Derry Girls, “this was my greatest baking honour”. A piece of cake, really.

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