The Londoner: Enraging Carole Baskin was risky, admits prankster

A PRANKSTER who tricked Tiger King star Carole Baskin into a fake interview says he was “absolutely terrified” because “she’s probably not a good person to have angry with you”.

Archie Manners, a British comedian, with his friend Josh Pieters convinced Baskin that she was appearing via videolink on US talk show Jimmy Fallon. They played her clips of Fallon asking questions and she responded.

Manners told us he was nervous because they had worked on the project for such a long time. He added: “Like the rest of the world I watched Tiger King and it strikes me that whether she’s guilty or innocent or whatever she’s probably not a good person to have angry with you.” The Netflix documentary aired claims that Baskin was responsible for the disappearance of her second husband, which she denies.

Though his mother tells him his pranks might go “a little far” sometimes, Manners said: “Morals are very important to us. You can’t just go on pulling YouTube tricks on whoever you wish.” He added the celebrity targets “don’t come out of it looking bad”.

Baskin has since said she had a “welcome good laugh” on learning that she’d been duped. At ease, Archie.

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