The Londoner: Fashionista rules for all you bananas in pyjamas

Pyjama sales have skyrocketed as the country makes the most of working from home during lockdown.

John Lewis tells us “loungewear sales have been more than four times what we would usually expect to see” and that “slippers sales have risen over 200 per cent”.

Piglet in Bed adds: “We have seen a big increase in pyjama sales in the last few weeks as people focus more on creating a comfortable environment at home. In particular we are seeing a lot of orders for monogrammed pyjamas.”

But fashion influencers are wary of the risks of cosy clothing. Camille ​Charrière tells us “PJs have strict curfew times and should not be allowed to parade around the house all day long.”

She admitted, however, she did recently “pair a silk white set with Shrimps earrings and stiletto heels for an aperitivo” on a Saturday “and felt great about it”.

Susie Lau, aka Susie Bubble on social media, has turned big brooches into face masks and fashioned a leather garter into a hand sanitiser carrier during lockdown, but says jimjams are not her jam: “I don’t believe in loungewear.”

Poor Susie. We’re all going mad, but at least we’re bananas in rather stylish pyjamas.

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