• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Lip-sync maestro Meggie wants to be the next Tate

Meggie Foster, the actress who has shot to viral fame with her lockdown lip syncs, tells us she wants to be the next Catherine Tate.

“I’ve grown up with Tate, all of these funny things and I’ve just admired them so much,” Foster says.

Her lip syncs of political arguments have made Foster an overnight star. In particular her video of Labourites Emily Thornberry and Caroline Flint arguing over Flint’s claim that Thornberry called Brexit voters “stupid” won Foster huge fame and had the Londoner in stitches.

“The very last sentence that Flint says took me about 45 minutes, just to do that line,” Foster explains. “I only got it right once and that is the one that you see. It does take a long time.”

She’s glad that “people can see it isn’t making any political points. We are not in a happy world at the moment and it’s just to make people laugh.”

As for her own career, Foster emphasises: “I have done a lot of audio books and it’s funny because everything you see online is anything but my voice. I am a fully trained actor. I was the donkey in the nativity play and I went to drama school and all that jazz.”

Bring on the “Meggie Show” pronto!

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