• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Lockdown didn’t slow us down, says sex club founder

Lockdown isn’t the disaster for sex clubs that you might think it is, as the founder of London’s exclusive Killing Kittens tells us her business boomed during lockdown.

Emma Sayle, an old classmate of Kate Middleton, told us that the world slowing down has been an opportunity for “self-discovery” in many areas, particularly when it comes to women “finding their voice in the bedroom”.

“We saw the online chat go up 300 per cent within a few weeks of lockdown happening in March,” she explains.

Sayle also defended Killing Kittens’ loan from the Government. Earlier this summer it received £170,000.

“They’re never going to own it,” Sayle tells us, “I’ve had this sort of criticism for years, if I was a man and it was to do with male sexuality there would be a massive high-five. There’s a real gender imbalance.”

Sayle came under fire after it was pointed out her former business partner Dougie Smith was married to key Number 10 adviser Munira Mirza.

But Sayle points out “We had to privately raise money ourselves in order for the Government to match what we raised”.

Now, Sayle says she hopes to work with singer Lily Allen, who has just released a sex toy.

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