• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Ouch! Miriam González Durántez takes a pot shot at ‘fragile’ Khan

Miriam González Durántez has criticised Sadiq Khan for oversharing about about the pressures of the Covid crisis.

The lawyer and wife of former deputy PM Nick Clegg referred to Khan’s admission to the Standard that he felt mentally fragile. “While his candour and openness are admirable, there are question marks about Sadiq Khan’s judgement,” she wrote in The Article. “He put the spotlight on his own feelings while people are dying each day by the hundreds. Remember what happened when Meghan Markle naively chose to put the spotlight on her own feelings while visiting Africa a few months ago? She was pilloried for it.”

González Durántez told us that some leaders were having a good crisis, though. “There are many. Merkel, Mitsotakis … Macron as well though some may disagree. Jacinda Ardern combines what some think is fragility with strength and does it with ease.”

And the UK? “As for Boris Johnson, the facts speak for themselves: one of the highest levels of excess deaths in Europe.” Ouch. She also revealed she hopes to update her popular cookery blog soon but has been busy with all the Zoom calls. Same.

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