• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Rupert Everett’s idea to ruin Richard E Grant’s awards night glory

Rupert Everett says he was tempted to jump out of a window and ruin Richard E Grant’s evening of Golden Globes glory last year after he failed to gain a nomination for his own film, The Happy Prince.

The actor said: “I had basically licked everybody’s arse up the gazoo to try and get a Golden Globe nomination and failed.”

On the night of the Golden Globes, Everett was finishing his autobiography, To The End of The World, which reflects on his 10-year quest to make a film about Oscar Wilde’s final days. It so happened he was in the same hotel as the Globes after-party. “When Richard E Grant turned up, nominated for everything... that’s when I had the reckless idea of jumping out of the window and landing splat at his feet and ruining his evening.

“Luckily, I’d had marijuana chocolate, so I just sat back and decided to watch everything on television instead. Actually, I was much happier watching it on telly than trying to be part of the picture,” he told a How To Academy audience at the weekend.

Although it seems Everett isn’t completely off the party scene. Asked if he would still do a line of cocaine if offered one, he replied: “Yes of course I would, why on earth not? What a funny question.”

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