• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Savile Row keeps things classy with bespoke PJs

Even during a pandemic there’s still a call for a touch of class from Savile Row, as London’s smartest street adapts to coronavirus (with a little help from bespoke pyjamas).

“We do off-the-peg dressing gowns and we also do bespoke pyjamas,” says William Skinner, managing director of Dege & Skinner, a firm which made the frock coat worn by Prince Harry at his wedding to Meghan Markle.

It’s not just working from home attire that’s whetting the appetites of Savile Row customers — Skinner says there’s been “heavy demand” for Marylebone Cricket Club attire. “When we asked a customer,” Skinner tells us, “he said that he was dreaming of being able to watch a cricket game once sport is allowed to resume and made the purchase in anticipation of that moment.”

While most of us adapt to working in our (non-bespoke) pyjamas, Skinner also explains that a number of clients have been ordering suits. “They’re obviously thinking to the future and that business networking interaction will continue even if people are mostly working from home.”

Turning up to a Zoom meeting in a Savile Row suit? Then again, you won’t need trousers so it could be half price.

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