• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Singer Lewis Capaldi's etiquette lessons

Lewis Capaldi’s team paid for the singer to have a lesson to teach him “how to talk to girls”, The Londoner can reveal.

Etiquette expert Liz Brewer, who tutored the sweary singer in her London home, tells us: “They wanted me to teach him a variety of things, like what to say at a drinks party, how to talk to girls and so we spent the afternoon together. I had no idea who he was of course.” The lesson happened about a month before the pop star released his 2018 hit Someone You Loved and was broken down into three sessions: First Impressions & Social Graces, Powerful Posture and Body Language and Dining Etiquette.

“He was very keen to learn. I think they were serious because he was here for a whole afternoon and they paid a good fee for it, many noughts,” Brewer told The Londoner. The lesson included introducing yourself and others correctly, shaking hands and social kissing, remembering people’s names and small talk and British humour.

​Capaldi was “almost, almost a perfect pupil”, Brewer explained. “There was a touch of sarcasm but you know, the guy’s in rock ’n’ roll or whatever.” Quite. “I keep seeing him on the television and thinking, a short time ago I was teaching him in my drawing room,” she added.

The crooner's career has come a long way since then. Last month he won the Best New Artist at the 2020 Brit Awards. But the Scottish singer found his brief and blunt awards speech muted after he dropped an f-bomb during the live broadcast.

Capaldi carried his drink on stage to accept the award, which he did by saying: “Thank you very f****** much.” The whole of his speech had to be muted for fans watching on television due to his use of the expletive. Perhaps he ought to invest in a few more etiquette lessons.

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