Londoner’s Diary: Keir Starmer’s tailor offers to fix Boris Johnson’s suit

Sir Keir Starmer’s tailor has offered to fix Boris Johnson and David Frost’s suits after the pair were ridiculed for what appeared to be ill-fitting attire at last night’s Brexit meeting with Ursula von der Leyen and Michel Barnier.

“It’s important they look smart. Everyone is watching and in high definition you can see all the creases,” Renzo Khan , the boss of Stitch & Clean tells us.

Khan inadvertently hit the limelight after Starmer was involved in a collision with a cyclist while on his way to his tailors. Stitch & Clean was later identified as his destination. Khan told us though he couldn’t comment “on my specific customers... Keir Starmer did visit”.

This morning he explained: “Frost’s jacket is too small. Boris’s jacket is a bit long and you can see that from the creases.

"The trousers need to be taken in as the two legs should be separate. There also shouldn’t be bunching above the shoe. I am happy to fix this for them as they are representing our country and I would volunteer my time to do it.”

Khan is also reportedly tailor to Gillian Anderson, Billie Piper, and Jude Law.

Just watch out for any cyclists as you race up to north London, Prime Minister.

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