• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: Melania won’t leave Trump —they have banter, says ex-adviser

Melania Trump’s former adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff said there’s “no way” Melania Trump will leave US President Donald Trump because they have “banter” together, as Melania reportedly plans a memoir.

Winston Wolkoff added that she will release “mind-blowing” recordings of her conversations with Melania if her book is not truthful. Winston Wolkoff helped plan Mr Trump’s inauguration events but left the White House in 2018 and wrote a tell-all memoir Melania & Me, released this year, after controversies over spending.

“I am curious to see if she’s truthful or not because if I have to come out and protect myself I will,” she said.

On the First Lady’s post-office plans, Winston Wolkoff says: “She envisions herself in the south of France on a big yacht.” But she believes Melania will stay with Trump: “In privacy and around the dining table they have a banter.”

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