• Emily Prescott

The Londoner: ‘We Corbyns are close, but Piers can be a nightmare’

Piers Corbyn “can be a nightmare” admits his nephew Tommy Corbyn — the son of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — who also shed light on what it’s like being part of the family.

Piers, Jeremy’s older brother, was arrested over the weekend at a lockdown protest in Hyde Park where he claimed that the coronavirus pandemic was “a pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order”. Despite their differences, Tommy tells us: “We’re a close family and we all get on.”

Tommy also said the Corbyn reputation was not a problem for him and that he was proud to have stood with his father — and he added: “We have had some issues with personal threats as a result of our associations to politics.”

As for family life, as well as “big family Zoom calls”, Tommy reveals that he and his brothers are in a WhatsApp with their father “and we have good daily banter on there.

“Ben works in football and I run the hemp business while Seb worked as an adviser in Westminster and we all love a good meme — not all politics!”

Sounds ripe for a TV show. Forget the Kardashians, Keeping up with the Corbyns, anyone?

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