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Dogs and their owners march against barking mad Brexit

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Hundreds of dogs went for ‘walkies’ in Westminster on Sunday afternoon as their owners united in opposition to Britain’s departure from the EU, but was it worth it?

Dogs and owners march against Brexit!

Actor Peter Egan, political writer Alastair Campbell and Stella Creasy, MP

attended the march on 7 October and although the Wooferendum attracted

international media attention, the project is yet to reach its crowdfunding

target of £7850.

Since the 2016 vote, many people have donated money to stop Brexit.

Individual millionaires, such as George Soros, have donated hundreds of

thousands of pounds, while the Liberal Democrat’s ‘exit from Brexit’

campaign has raised nearly a million pounds and the People's Vote is

rallying support for another vote on the final Brexit deal.

Sources: Liberal democrat spokesperson, People's Vote Website and You Gov Poll.

Daniel Elkin, founder of the Wooferendum, said: “When I started this a year

ago it seemed Brexit could not be stopped but we are in a very different

situation now thanks to people who have given up their time and even their

jobs to campaign for Brexit.”

The Wooferendum marchers backed the wider campaign for a ‘people’s

vote’ on the final deal and want to raise awareness for the People's Vote

march on 20 October.  

Theresa May rejected the possibility of a second referendum in a speech

at the Tory party conference, dismissing it as a ‘politician’s vote’ rather than

a ‘people’s vote’.

Alastair Campbell, the political writer who attended the march with his five-

month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Skye, said: “My Dad was

a vet, I have got the cutest pet on the planet and I’m here to tell you how to

fight campaigns.

“You win fights by never giving in and never giving up.”

Much like a dog with a bone, Mr Campbell added: “Brexit is a project of the

right, for the right, by the right, of the Brexit elite, for the Brexit elite, by the

Brexit elite.”

Dogs taking part in the march were encouraged to urinate on photos of

Brexiteers including the former foreign minister Boris Johnson and former

UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

The March for the People's Vote will start on Park Lane at midday on 20

October, 2018.

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